BOTINDO Beach Tent Review

BOTINDO Beach Tent Review

The BOTINDO Beach Tent is a reliable choice for outdoor activities, offering excellent sun protection with a UPF 50+ rating. Constructed from durable Lycra material, this beach tent comes in both large and medium sizes.

Its lightweight design, easy setup, and included sandbags ensure stability in different conditions. While it excels in sun protection, it may not be fully waterproof during heavy rain, and the instructions could be clearer.

Despite some variability in shipping times, overall user feedback is positive.

For a detailed look at its features and performance insights, continue reading.

BOTINDO Family Beach Tent Canopy Sun Shade, Pop Up Grande Beach Tent Sun Shelter Stability 4 Poles with Portable Carry Bag Outdoor Shade for Beach Fishing Backyard Camping Picnics
  • 【Gigante Beach Tent】 The beach canopy tent sun shade have different size Large (10*10)ft, Medium (7*7.5)ft. Tall stability poles keep entire beach shade canopy area stays at full height that increasing the shaded area, can hold up to 6-8 people for couples, family and friends party or outdoor picnics.
  • 【Advanced Sun Protection】 Designed with the highest quality Lycra fabric and offering UPF 50+ sun coverage and water-resistant function, lightweight beach canopy tent sun shade can shade your outdoor beach holiday. Family beach tent durable materials are not afraid of stretching and tearing.
  • 【Stable Windproof Performance】 Fill the sandbag with sand or stones as much as possible which makes this portable beach sun shade canopy has better wind resistance. You use beach shade tent over sandy beaches, thick grassy areas, or even in rocky camping spots.
  • 【Wonderful Choices Beach Tent Pop Up Shade】 You can also build compact beach sun shelter on gardens, backyards, lawns, sand, picnic, garden, group activities, field training, dummer camp,vehicle shading even rock campsites. Simply adjust sand anchors or the poles to change the angle of the shade to get the best sunshade.
  • 【Easy to install & Portable】 Follow the instructions even 1 person can install quickly. Reinforced poles attached with a elastic cord preventing moving, ground stakes and fillable sandbag anchors make beach unbrella more stable. The sun shade for the beach comes with a travel carry bag to keep the sun shelter kit all organized.

Key Takeaways

  • The beach tent offers UPF 50+ protection for effective shielding against the sun.
  • It is lightweight at 3.8 kilograms, making it easy to carry around.
  • Setting it up is quick and simple, with sandbags included for stability.
  • It is important to note that the tent is water-resistant and not fully waterproof in heavy rain.
  • It comes in two sizes – large (10×10 ft) and medium (7×7.5 ft).

Product Introduction

The BOTINDO Beach Tent is a practical and convenient sun protection solution for outdoor enthusiasts. Made from durable Lycra material, this turquoise tent is designed for easy setup and portability, measuring 120L x 120W x 78H. It comes in large (10×10 ft) and medium (7×7.5 ft) sizes, offering advanced UPF 50+ coverage for excellent UV protection.

Perfect for beach outings, picnics, or camping, this tent features a lightweight aluminum frame, water-resistant design, and windproof performance. Weighing only 3.8 kilograms and including a travel carry bag, it’s ideal for on-the-go use. Plus, you can count on responsive customer service from BOTINDO.

Pros and Cons

When considering the BOTINDO Beach Tent, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Users find it easy to set up, provides effective sun protection, and is highly portable.

However, it may require proper anchoring in windy conditions and assembly can be a bit of a task.


The BOTINDO Beach Tent is a fantastic choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a portable and sun-protective shelter. With its UPF 50+ coverage, it effectively shields against harmful UV rays, perfect for extended outdoor activities.

Weighing only 3.8 kilograms and compact in size, it’s easy to carry around. The tent includes sandbags or stone fillings for stability in windy conditions and features a durable aluminum frame. Made of water-resistant Lycra material, it can withstand light showers, offering versatile protection.

Customers rave about its easy setup, user-friendly design, and ability to withstand windy weather.


The BOTINDO Beach Tent does have a few drawbacks that potential buyers should consider. While the tent is water-resistant, it may not hold up well in heavy rain as it is not fully waterproof.

Setting it up is generally easy, but the instructions could be clearer, leading to some initial confusion for users.

In windy conditions, the tent’s performance may be compromised, despite efforts to secure it with sandbags.

Some users have also found the size of the tent, especially the medium version, to be too small for larger groups.

Additionally, since the product is manufactured in China, there may be variations in shipping times and customer service responses, which could result in delays in receiving replacement parts.

Detailed Features

The BOTINDO Beach Tent comes in two sizes, Large (10*10)ft and Medium (7*7.5)ft, providing excellent sun protection with UPF 50+ coverage and water resistance.

Its stability is reinforced by the option to fill sandbags or use stones for anchoring.

This versatile tent is ideal for beach trips, picnics, and camping, and it is easy to set up and portable, with a convenient travel carry bag included.

These features make the BOTINDO Beach Tent a reliable and practical choice for outdoor activities.

Setup Simplicity Summary

Setting up the BOTINDO Beach Tent is a breeze. This tent is designed for user convenience, with a simple and quick assembly process. Users love how easy it is to set up, often taking just a few minutes.

The tent comes with lightweight aluminum poles and a Lycra canopy that are easy to handle. To anchor the tent, you can use sandbags or stones, ensuring stability even in windy conditions. Plus, it comes with a travel carry bag for easy portability.

The setup process is intuitive, making it easy for even beginners to use this beach tent effortlessly.

Concluding Thoughts

In summary, the BOTINDO Beach Tent stands out as a reliable and user-friendly choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for sun protection and convenience. Its impressive sun protection features with UPF 50+ rating and water-resistant properties make it a top contender.

The lightweight design, easy setup process, and effective sandbag anchoring ensure stability and ease of use. While there could be improvements in the setup instructions and a caution for windy conditions, overall, the tent performs admirably.

Positive feedback from customers on its durability and the vendor’s responsiveness further highlights its appeal. In essence, the BOTINDO Beach Tent seamlessly blends practicality with durability, making it a valuable companion for any outdoor adventure.

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